Achievely Oy


Achievely is about learning and like the name implies, achieving. With accessible, affordable and accurate solutions we want to make it possible for everyone to achieve more. Deep understanding in analytics and statistics and a courageous attitude helps us to achieve our goal; to be the best at measuring learning.


In 2017 we launched our pilot product, Pänttää (Cram It). Pänttää is a mobile e-learning application for university entry and high school matriculation exams. Pänttää focuses on testing and measuring your learning, giving its users an accurate picture of how their learning progresses. Pänttää solves inequality of access to higher education by making learning easy and cheap.


Our core team consists of three psychology students which all have very different work history and academic history. In addition to the core team, a fresh graduate from information networks and a law student make our team flexible and competent. Our entire team is super enthusiastically looking forward to the future with big scaling plans in mind.